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Watch Webinar Replay: Demystifying the New School Year

Revealing the Magic of Data

As educators, you know that each new school year is filled with excitement and anticipation… but it also brings a hint of mystery and uncertainty. Like gazing into a magical crystal ball, surrounded by foggy clouds of unanswered questions. But fear not! 

This webinar is designed to help you gain the power to see the path forward by harnessing the magic of Munetrix. Discover the hidden secrets that will amplify your data insights and sweep away the uncertainty surrounding this new year. 

Key topics covered:

  • Creating Peer Groups  
  • Student Migration Information  
  • Identifying “At-Risk” Students

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Watch Webinar Replay: Managing Capital Improvements

Unleash Success and Master Capital Improvement Planning

In a world where effective planning and management can make or break the success of your capital improvement initiatives, staying ahead of the curve is essential. That’s why we have designed this exclusive webinar to equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to excel. 

Discover game-changing strategies and leverage the latest innovations in Munetrix to supercharge your projects. 

Key Topics Covered: 

  • Efficient planning and stakeholder engagement 
  • How to streamline project management with real-time updates 
  • Enhanced tracking, evaluation, and data-driven decision-making 
  • Updates and innovations in Munetrix

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Watch Webinar Replay: Navigating Back to School with Transparency

Transform Your School Year with the Power of Transparency

As the new academic year approaches, we understand the mix of excitement and challenge it brings, especially when it comes to telling your community about what’s happening. But here’s a secret… it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The key lies in one word: Transparency. 

Our webinar is designed to offer a fresh take on school operations, emphasizing the crucial role transparency plays in building a robust, engaged, and successful school community. 

Key topics covered:

  • Building trust and engagement with transparency 
  • Driving financial transparency 
  • Enhancing student safety drill transparency 
  • Practical strategies and valuable insights 

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early warning module for planning intervention programs
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Watch Webinar Replay: Planning for Intervention Programs

Empowering District Leaders to Address Attendance and Discipline Challenges

Two big topics we keep hearing from K-12 district leaders are that attendance and discipline are at the top of everyone’s mind.

During this insightful 45-minute webinar, our experts shared their knowledge on how the Munetrix Early Warning Module can empower leadership to proactively identify and address potential challenges, like attendance and discipline, within their districts.

Key topics covered:

  • Best practices for implementing effective intervention programs
  • See how you can access grades, discipline records, attendance history, and assessments in one place for a comprehensive view of student risk
  • Q&A session to address your specific concerns and queries

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early warning module for planning intervention programs
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Watch Webinar Replay: Are Your Student Warning Lights On?

Are you struggling to identify which of your students are at-risk of meeting important academic goals?

Does risk calculation take way too much of your time? Watch David Hundt, the School Improvement and State & Federal Programs Consultant at Muskegon ISD, discuss ways in which your district can increase attendance, decrease dropout rate, and take preventative actions to change the trajectory of student outcomes.

This webinar reveals how we developed the Early Warning Module with the guidance from our customers so that educators can easily understand which students need attention — when they need it.

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Munetrix Announces Release of Early Warning Module for School Districts

Offered as a extension to the set of tools in the company’s Academic Module, the Early Warning Module empowers Curriculum Directors, Education Specialists, Student Services Personnel, Data Coaches, Counselors, and Teachers​ to identify and support at-risk students early, so that potential obstacles to student achievement can be intervened and mitigated as early as possible.

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Watch Webinar Replay: Budgeting/ Forecasting for Inflation

Save your municipality time, reduce workload, and get tips on how to effectively plan your budgets!

Watch Kevin Smith, a veteran with over 25 years in municipal government and finance, as he shares strategies for effectively navigating current budgeting challenges. Learn how our Municipal System can help municipalities effectively and efficiently plan their budgets for the next fiscal year while addressing the effects the inflation can and will have to your budget.

Watch the replay of our recent Webinar to learn tools and techniques to do budget planning and forecasting with greater confidence…even in these inflationary times!

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Watch Webinar Replay: What’s New in Neighborhood Intel

Insights and Visualizations You’ve Never Seen Before!

The Neighborhood Intel Parcel Analyzer provides a variety of features to help multiple departments across the community quickly and easily analyze data in geospatial visualizations. Watch this video for a basic overview of the Neighborhood Intel Parcel Analyzer system and highlights of new features recently added.

Watch the replay of our recent Webinar to see how our Neighborhood Intel can power your community data and give you visualization insights you haven’t seen before.

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Watch Webinar Replay: School Transparency Reporting Made Easy

31a “At-Risk” Reporting Made Easy — in Minutes, not Hours!

The 31a “At-Risk” reporting process can be daunting. Districts frequently use handwritten forms, spreadsheets or Google sheets to collect the information and involve several personnel across the district — principals, secretaries, counselors, social workers, and teachers — to manually identify students who meet at least one of the 13 eligibility criteria and/or which programs and services these students are receiving. And this process must be done at least three times per year! This requires several hours of time from individuals, let alone cumulatively across the district it can require hundreds of hours.

Watch the replay of our recent Webinar to learn how the Munetix 31a Toolkit automates the eligibility, programs, and services reporting processes so entire process can be done in minutes — not hours!


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Ohio School Districts Discovering Better Budgeting Tools

As Ohio school district administrators enter budgeting season, finance directors, superintendents and other administrators are facing dilemmas and difficult decisions. Whether trying to prioritize the allocation of stimulus or other surplus funds, or processing the challenging demands of budget cuts, it’s decision time.

The problem we see is many administrators are forced to make difficult decisions with limited data and incomplete information. As we will illustrate, placing unnecessary blinders on your budgeting can lead to incorrect conclusions and potentially misplaced allocations of resources.

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