The Most Complete Data Set on the Block

The Neighborhood Intel Block Analyzer

Real-time and dynamic snapshot of community conditions to answer important questions that help you plan, implement, and evaluate policies and programs


  • Quickly understand predicted rehabilitation and demolition impact to optimize neighborhood revitalization planning.

  • Visualize and address inequities in income, access to broadband Internet, housing and vacancy rates, and more.

  • Tap into the wealth of intelligence in the U.S. Census Bureau data—quickly, easily, intuitively, and visually.

  • Uncover the small but important “secrets” that big data is keeping from you, making the invisible visible.


  • Aggregate, streamline, desegregate and intuitively present a holistic view of every census block level in your community.

  • Analyze adjacencies in block groups to understand trends and identify opportunities to positively impact your community.

  • Identify where underserved populations exist to better plan for future growth and prosperity.

  • View trends and dynamics in real time via time series analysis.

Don’t drink from the firehose when a stream of intelligence is on tap!

Powered by time series analysis capabilities, the platform empowers policy makers to plan, implement, and evaluate policies and programs— instantly, intuitively and in dynamic perpetuity.
Intuitive data visualizations of vast amounts of the U.S. Census Bureau data, for every block in the country.

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