Say Hello to Easy Budgeting

The BudgetBuilder™ is a powerful tool that allows users to create linear regression budgets in a matter of minutes.


  • Saves time on the front end of budget prep by allowing finance directors the ability to test assumptions against wellness algorithms

  • Create a top-down starting budget to quickly begin your new budgeting cycle

  • Can help shorten the process by creating departmental budgets based upon overall expected percent changes

  • Reinforces proactive, fiscally responsible means to creating budgets and evaluating expected changes


  • Create five varying scenarios to determine which path is the best going forward for any number of years

  • Conduct what-if and peer analysis publicly or behind the scenes

  • Great for budget workshops

  • Integrates with Chart of Accounts Manager™, Debt Manager™ and Capital Improvement Manager™

Example budget generated in Munetrix displaying how your assumptions create your future budget.