Budgeting and forecasting software for local government has matured greatly over the past few years. Data visualization and performance analytics solutions allow administrators and employees in local government to make the invisible visible.

The Munetrix budgeting and forecasting software for local government is part of a complete enterprise solution, which integrates cross-departmental data, from financials and human resources to a complete range of business processes, taking multi-level, complex data sets and making them simple to understand, report and act upon.

Munetrix offers these budgeting and finance tools via easy-to- adopt and easy-to-use modules that facilitate simpler and more robust forecasting, capital planning and performance management. This budgeting and forecasting software suite for local government promotes current and predictive aspects of financeL ow healthy are you today, and how healthy are you likely to be in the future, based on your community’s lifestyle or budget assumptions?

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The Enterprise Module of Munetrix offers the most complete range of data visualization software for municipalities in Michigan available. The full product includes budgeting, chart of accounts planning, forecasting and scenario building to debt management, peer benchmarking and capital improvement management, powerful interdependent apps that collaborate to contextualize and visualize all data sets available, from public API to your city’s internal data systems.

Learn how local governments are using budgeting and finance software to achieve greater transparency, easier compliance and, ultimately, more community trust, collaboration and teamwork with their constituents. A no-obligation demo unlocks 30 days of free access to the Munetrix financial and budgeting modules!

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