Munetrix offers the most robust and easiest to use capital improvement manager for government in Michigan. The Capital Improvement Manager™ is a database solution to store and manage capital projects to provide an easy year-over-year solution to creating a Capital Improvement Plan, start to finish.

Multi-level reports in the Capital Improvement Manager tool for municipalities in Michigan aggregate all your projects to create a complete top-to-bottom capital improvement plan for as many years out as you wish, or view supplemental reports individually. Our solution for capital improvement tracking provides an industry tested project scoring feature that ranks capital projects numerically to easily determine which projects should be top priority

Municipalities in Michigan use the built-in questionnaire in the capital improvement manager for government entities in Michigan to mathematically distinguish which projects should take precedence-based on a ranking system designed to take federal and state mandates into account as well as municipal needs.

To learn more about how cities, townships, villages and other municipal governments in Michigan are using the Munetrix Capital Improvement Manager, watch this video that demonstrates how a commitment to community-wide data literacy can actually serve to restore public trust and confidence in our government institutions.

A Closer Look at the Capital Improvement Manager for Government in Michigan

The Capital Improvement Manager provides countless benefits and features for city managers, supervisors and other planning professionals. The details specs include:

  • Fully detail each project with scope, justification, alignment with goals, and add images to accurately present each project in a clear and polished fashion
  • Quick generating reports that break capital expenditures for any number of years out by department, fund, funding source, priority, and several more
  • Add narrative and background information through easy text attachments while also customizing which projects are shown

Contact us to see a free demo and to learn how the Munetrix Capital Improvement Manager for governments in Michigan is making it easy for cities to eliminate difficult and time-consuming 6-year capital improvement plans through database management. Update all projects on a continuous, as-needed basis.