Say Hello to Easy Capital Management

The Capital Improvement Manager™ is a database solution to store and manage capital projects to provide an easy year-over-year solution to creating a Capital Improvement Plan, start to finish.


  • Provides an industry tested project scoring feature that ranks capital projects numerically to easily determine which projects should be top priority

  • Quick generating reports that break capital expenditures for any number of years out by department, fund, funding source, priority, and several more

  • Incorporates all unique fund, funding source, and departmental codes from the Chart of Accounts Manager for tying capital expenditures to the necessary tags as well mapping to locations

  • Eliminates difficult and time consuming 6-year capital improvement plans through database management. Update all projects on a continuous, as-needed basis


  • Multi-level reports aggregate all your projects to create a complete top-to-bottom capital improvement plan for as many years out as you wish, or view supplemental reports individually

  • Add narrative and background information through easy text attachments while also customizing which projects are shown

  • Use the built-in questionnaire to mathematically distinguish which projects should take precedence-based on a ranking system designed to take federal and state mandates into account as well as municipal needs

  • Fully detail each project with scope, justification, alligment with goals, and add images to accurately present each project in a clear and polished fashion

Model scenarios so that you can smooth out capital spending year-over-year using “what-if” analysis.