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Watch Webinar Replay: How to Take Advantage of Michigan’s City, Village and Township Revenue Sharing Program

CVTRS Filing and Compliance Made Easy

Watch the replay of our webinar to learn how our step-by step CVTRS/CIP reporting app can help complete this report in hours, not days, ensuring deadlines are achieved with less chance of errors and missing data.

Don’t miss that December 1st deadline! With municipal employees constantly being asked to do more with less, this overwhelming responsibility can lead to errors, omissions, and missed deadlines – potentially resulting in loss of funding. We’re here to help!

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Watch Webinar Replay: How to Battle Inflation with Better Budgeting

Tips and Methodologies for Battling the Uncertainty of Inflation in Budgeting

Watch the replay of an informative webinar on how inflation may impact your school district or municipality. Munetrix hosted David Zin, Chief Economist for the Senate Fiscal Agency, who joined Buzz Brown, to share insights on how the current rising inflation may impact the fiscal health of school districts or municipalities. Also learn how different budgeting tools and techniques can help reduce fiscal stress across your organization.