Chart of Accounts Made Easy

The Chart of Accounts Manager™ allows for the most granular analysis using Fund, Function and Object codes.


  • Have your complete chart of accounts mapped out in detail with the ability to clearly see the fund, function, and object codes and have them tied to the State’s cumulative level for easy, state-wide peer comparisons

  • Enhances the Munetrix BudgetBuilder with object level, granular detail for the easiest to understand and most comprehensive budget modeling and planning

  • Allows you to tie your debt schedules and capital projects to your unique funds and departments to give you a complete and easy to understand visualization of your funding sources and cost centers

  • The system is able to import trial balances that give a complete listing of amounts while parsing out all funds, revenues, expenditures, balance sheet items and object codes.


  • Divided up through a series of tabs, giving you a complete listing of your fund, revenue, department, and object codes each separately, and then all together.

  • Parsing is simply a description field that breaks down a local unit’s Account String into the mapping required for State standard chart of accounts and higher order charts.

  • With easily available updating and refreshing whenever you need, it makes it simple to add any new, necessary components of your account string.

A collection of reports display the account listings along with their respective mapping to the state standard and local unit chart of account