Say Hello To Easy Revenue Sharing Reporting

The CVTRS/CIP app can save your municipality hours each year by streamlining the reporting process, ensuring state compliance, and providing transparency to your citizens.


  • Drastically reduces workload and time spent on revenue sharing reporting requirements, freeing up staff to focus on other important tasks

  • Multi-year data maintained in one easy to use platform, securing institutional knowledge for the future

  • Provides a comprehensive and professional Revenue Sharing Citizen’s Guide with intuitive charts and graphs

  • Meets all State compliance requirements for revenue sharing reporting


  • Automatically populates budgets, forecasts, and assumptions directly from Munetrix platform

  • Communicates with Munetrix’s financial apps to include required reports such as debt and pension

  • Embedded wizard with step-by-step navigation feature that pulls together all necessary data to build and publish final CVTRS/CIP report, ensuring compliance

  • Integrates completed MI Department of Treasury Form 4886 into email friendly report

An easy-to-customize Performance Dashboard allows you to highlight the most important trends in your community.
We’ve already taken care of your historic financials and forecasts are quickly built using Munetrix’s Budget & Forecast Builder Tools.