Data Visualization Software for Municipalities in Michigan

Data visualization software for municipalities in Michigan is a city administrator’s, mayor’s or city manager’s secret weapon that allows the entire municipality to build trust, facilitate transparency, and strengthen a culture of community. Municipal administrators, managers and employees serve as the cornerstones of the community, but they are constantly being tasked with doing more work with less time and fewer resources.

Data visualization tools allow them to make the invisible visible—all in a way that doesn’t add more work to their plates, and usually takes work off of them! The Munetrix solution for municipalities is a comprehensive suite of powerful, interdependent solutions for the whole community, taking multi-level, complex data sets and making them simple to understand, report and act upon.

What separates data from intelligence is the ability to quickly, easily and intuitively see and understand what the data is trying to tell you—both in terms of past performance as well as insights into future scenarios and likely outcomes. Think of data visualization software like the technology that monitors, reports and forecasts the ever changing weather in cities in Michigan.

To learn more about how we apply data visualization and performance analytics solutions for municipalities in Michigan, watch this video that demonstrates how a commitment to community-wide data literacy can actually serve to restore public trust and confidence in our government institutions.

A Closer Look at Munetrix’s Data Visualization Software for Municipalities in Michigan

The Enterprise Module of Munetrix offers the most complete range of data visualization software for municipalities in Michigan available. From budgeting, chart of accounts planning, forecasting and scenario building to debt management, peer benchmarking and capital improvement management, powerful interdependent apps collaborate to contextualize and visualize all data sets available, from public API to your city’s internal data systems.

Transparency and compliance solutions are available that dramatically improve upon a city’s capacity for CVTRS/CIP reporting and greater understanding of the municipality’s fiscal wellness. The solution even features software and solutions that facilitate business and process workflows for municipalities and cities.

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