Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Munetrix acquiring Eidex?

The acquisition is part of our strategic vision to enhance our capabilities and offerings in the K-12 education technology space. By combining forces with Eidex, we aim to provide a more comprehensive and innovative suite of solutions, empowering educators and administrators across the country. 

What are the main benefits of this acquisition for customers?

The acquisition brings several key benefits for our customers, including: 

  • Expanded Product Portfolio: Customers will gain access to an extended range of cutting-edge solutions designed to cater to their specific needs and challenges. 
  • Greater Expertise: The combination of Munetrix and Eidex’s expertise will lead to a deeper understanding of customer requirements and a higher level of support and service. 
  • Accelerated Innovation: With both companies pooling resources, customers can expect faster development and implementation of new features and enhancements. 
  • Increased Reach: The acquisition allows us to serve a broader customer base across Michigan, providing more opportunities for collaboration and learning from other districts. 

Will there be any immediate changes to the products or services we receive?

In the short term, both companies will continue to operate independently, ensuring a seamless experience for our customers. Any future changes will be communicated well in advance, and our priority remains on delivering consistent, reliable services during the integration process.

Will there be any changes to our current contracts and agreements?

We understand the importance of existing agreements and contracts. As of now, all current contracts and agreements will remain in effect. Should there be any changes in the future, we will work closely with each customer to ensure a smooth transition.

How will the acquisition impact the pricing of products and services?

There are no immediate changes to pricing as a result of the acquisition. Our commitment is to offer competitive and transparent pricing, and any future adjustments will be communicated with ample notice and rationale. 

What does this acquisition mean for the future of K-12 education technology?

This acquisition reflects our commitment to driving progress and innovation for K-12 performance analytics solutions in the industry. By joining forces, we aim to deliver even greater value to our customers, supporting educators and students in their pursuit of excellence. 

Will our data be secure?

There are no immediate changes to how data is stored securely in products on either platform as a result of the acquisition.   Any future changes will be communicated well in advance. The same internal standards around how data can be stored and transmitted will remain in place including AES-256 encryption of data at rest, hashed credentials, and TLS 1.2 on all software products. 

Will my login change?

There are no immediate changes to user logins or the login process.  Users will be able to continue to access products and services on both platforms, as they currently do.  Any future changes will be communicated well in advance of taking effect. 

As a customer who can I turn to for help?

Customer support remains a top priority for usWe are committed to maintain the same high level of support our customers have come to expectWe value the relationships we have built and will ensure that customers experience a seamless and uninterrupted partnership.  Please contact or 248-499-8355, press 1 for service and support.