Financial, Operational, Transparency and Compliance Tools for Cities, Villages and Townships

Municipal administrators, managers and employees serve as the cornerstones of the community. Together, we can build trust, facilitate transparency, and strengthen a culture of community.

Performance Analytics & Fiscal Wellness

Powerful tools that create detailed budgets with a few simple clicks.

Data Management & Business Process Workflows

Perform peer review audits, track progress and manage projects easily.

Transparency & Compliance Reporting

Easily stay up-to-date with government-mandated compliance.

A comprehensive suite of powerful, interdependent solutions for the whole community, taking multi-level, complex data sets and making them simple to understand, report and act upon.

Award-Winning Tech, Blue-Ribbon Service

From financials and transparency compliance to planning and progress reporting, Munetrix has easy-to- adopt and easy-to-use modules that facilitate simpler and more robust forecasting, capital planning and performance management.

More transparency. More trust. Stronger community.
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Award-Winning Solutions for Municipalities:

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