The Forecast’s Never Come Easier

Use the ForecastBuilder™ to create multi-year forecasts with multiple scenarios to assess potential outlooks and plan for the future.


  • Syncs with the BudgetBuilder for object level granularity when forecasting to give line item by line item detail

  • Allows for continuous multi-year forecast testing in a matter of minutes

  • Allows users the ability to set fund balance targets to obtain departmental desired limits to help build long-term sustainability into operations

  • Serves as an excellent tool for public engagement settings — citizens, boards and administration can all easily take part in the “what if” scenario building


  • Begin forecasting immediately with ease to gain insights into understanding your fiscal situation better

  • Integrates with the BudgetBuilder and Chart of Accounts Manager for a complete ability to create new budgets using this “top-down” approach

  • Ability to edit all forecasts at the object level detail or completely re-run as many times necessary

  • Tweak scenarios in real time or completely re-run in just minutes

The red line represents your baseline historic budget, which then branches out to multiple options for future budgets based on the conditions you specified.