Setting a District Up for Financial Success

Clean slates. Isn’t that what early September brings for our students? 

Unfortunately, school districts and their budgets aren’t nearly the clean slates our students are offered each school year.

Districts have histories to evaluate, uncertain futures to navigate, scenarios to account for — and now — inflation, rising interest rates, and soaring fleet and transportation costs to mitigate.

Open most schools’ spreadsheets and debt schedules and you’re likely to find anything BUT a clean slate.

But the new school year does offer an opportunity to tidy things up, to create clarity out of uncertainty, and to apply sophisticated forecasting analyses into strategic planning and budgeting.

Let’s see a spreadsheet do all of that.

Free Webinar Tuesday, September 13th (or On-Demand)

Join us this coming Tuesday, September 13th at 2:00 p.m. for an informative webinar on how you can set your district up for success this school year.

(Remember to register, even if you can’t attend live, so you automatically receive the video replay link to watch the webinar at your convenience.)

Learn how to:

→ Easily increase transparency on fiscal, operations, safety and other compliance reporting 

→ Make managing and reporting on capital improvement projects, benchmarking/peer analysis, debt obligations, check expenditures, budgeting, forecasting, and scenario building simpler, more accurate, and more accessible to all stakeholders

→ Use scenario building and forecasting systems to take the uncertainty out of your budgeting and planning

→ Mitigate the effects of inflation, rising fleet costs, higher interest rates, and the risk of lower per-pupil funding

Who should attend:

→ Superintendents

→ Finance Directors

→ Business Managers

→ Public Safety Drill Managers

→ Operations Managers (capital improvement)