Michael Pierce


Michael is a leading product management professional. Over the past decade, he has built, bought, operated, and sold five SaaS businesses in various industries, such as AutoTech (Serving a Fortune 150), GovTech, AdTech, and FinTech.

He’s led post-merger integration (PMI) efforts at a Fortune 1000 company, scaling his solution across a 400 person sales force globally. Ran his own merger & acquisition (M&A) process for one of his companies (sold in 2019 to a private buyer) and performed diligence on several SaaS acquisitions as a product, engineering, and SaaS operator subject matter expert (SME). He is also a contributing writer for two leading industry publications, The Product Manager and The Product-Led Alliance. He also serves as an advisor to founders at High Alpha Innovation, a venture studio in the midwest.

Outside of work, Michael loves to spend time with his wife and pup Appa. Their adventures include: traveling, cooking, finding new restaurants, bars, and breweries across New England, hiking, camping, and everything outdoors.

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