Prestigious Awards Program Recognizes Outstanding Educational Technology Products and Companies

EdTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies and solutions in the global educational technology market, announced today that Munetrix, a data analytics solutions provider serving municipalities and public school districts nationwide, has selected the Munetrix Academic Module solution as the winner of its “Learning Analytics Solution of the Year” award in the third annual EdTech Breakthrough Awards program.

The Munetrix Academic Module was developed to accelerate academic outcomes and facilitate the monitoring of progress made by the whole student – academically, emotionally, socially, demographically, and socio-economically – all with a single, easy-to-use interface. By harvesting and contextualizing public and private data into one powerful combination, the product provides schools a unique, holistic platform that empowers districts to analyze all of their data with a single log-in and destination, supporting horizontal succession planning, building institutional knowledge, and workflow management all in one place. 

The new solution represents a robust combination of financial, demographic, student achievement, educator assessments, and perception and process data tools to accommodate the optimization of student, teacher, school and district educational outcomes.

“This award is another humbling recognition of the hard work we’ve done as a company and in cooperation with the educators we serve,” said Buzz Brown, vice president of customer engagement and chief data officer with Munetrix. “Our mission has long been to make data accessible, actionable, holistic, and easy for anyone to use and understand.”

“The product saves teachers and administrators hundreds of hours per year, collecting, aggregating, disaggregating and analyzing data by more traditional methods stored in multiple, disparate locations, where they are difficult to sort, search and cross-analyze,” Brown added. “The cloud-based platform provides the highest levels of industry- standard data security and encryption for privacy and security of student data. We are honored to receive this award from EdTech Breakthrough, especially on the heels of such an unprecedented year.”

The mission of the EdTech Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of educational technology categories, including Student Engagement, School Administration, Adaptive Learning, STEM Education, e-Learning, Career Preparation and many more. This year’s program attracted more than 2,000 nominations from over 17 different countries throughout the world. 

“The Module empowers educators — from the district office to the individual teacher — to easily analyze various student data at the individual student, class, grade, building and district level across multiple assessments with a few clicks,” said James Johnson, managing director, EdTech Breakthrough. “At the end of the day, the Munetrix Academic Module is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for educators being tasked with more — with less time and fewer resources. Munetrix absolutely breaks through the EdTech space with this module and we offer our heartfelt congratulations for winning our ‘Learning Analytics Solution of the Year’ award.”

Offered in conjunction with a financial analytics and planning engine, the Academic Module is a comprehensive suite of powerful, interdependent solutions that takes multi-level, complex data sets and makes them simple to understand, report and act upon, including: achievement and growth data, student reporting, needs assessment, educator evaluation, progress monitoring, as well as financial budgeting, forecasting and modeling.  

The reporting functionality saves educators countless hours by automatically populating Individual Reading Improvement Plans (IRIPs) with required data points from multiple student assessments. For administrators, the Module allows districts to identify personalized professional development plans to increase educator effectiveness by providing accurate and consistent calculations of educator evaluation scores across multiple data sources from nationally recognized assessment providers.

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