City of Houghton, City of Royal Oak, WUPPDR, City of Muskegon Heights, Great Lakes Academy and Muskegon Area ISD Join the Munetrix Family

Munetrix is pleased to welcome new communities and educators to the growing family of municipalities and school districts who are partnering with Munetrix to create a culture of community through trust, teamwork and transparency!

Our newest partnerships are with the following entities:

  • The City of Houghton
  • The City of Royal Oak
  • Western Upper Peninsula Planning & Development Region
  • City of Muskegon Heights
  • Great Lakes Academy
  • Muskegon Area ISD

We welcome these organizations and others who are plugging into our comprehensive suite of powerful, interdependent data management and performance analytics solutions to serve and empower the whole community, taking multi-level, complex data sets and making them simple to understand, report and act upon. Together, we will build trust, facilitate transparency, and strengthen a culture of community.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning about how our solutions deliver greater transparency and empower you to “do more with less,” click the appropriate button below:

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