The Munetrix Premium Edition for Municipalities features a comprehensive and intuitive municipal budget allocation reporting dashboard. Whether you are allocating new monies from stimulus or other surplus, or making tough decisions about spending cuts, the best way to make those hard choices confidently is having the most complete set of data available.

City managers, finance directors and other municipal administrators can get free access to one of the key tools in our municipal budget allocation reporting dashboard with a free report we are issuing to any city, township or village who wants to receive this complimentary report. Learn how your municipality’s budget allocations compare to the average of all others in your region with this free, personalized report created specifically for your particular city, village or township—at no cost or obligation!

Your free municipal budget allocation report will be customized to your specific municipality, comparing your budget allocations against the average of all others in your region, allowing you to: 

  • Compare your allocations against the regional average
  • Determine where you might be over-spending or under-spending, based on your peer averages
  • Make better-informed decisions about where to apply budgets or where to cut without losing pace with other cities, villages and townships in your region
  • Use data to create a culture of community through trust, teamwork and transparency
  • Measure what you treasure

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The Munetrix Premium Edition for Municipalities offers the most complete range of data visualization available. The full product suite features apps for budgeting, chart of accounts planning, forecasting and scenario building to debt management, peer benchmarking and capital improvement management, powerful interdependent apps that collaborate to contextualize and visualize all data sets available, all in one intuitive and accessible dashboard!

Continue reading to learn how local governments are leveraging tools like the Munetrix municipal budget allocation reporting dashboard to achieve greater transparency, facilitate mandated compliance and, ultimately, build community trust, collaboration and teamwork with their constituents.

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