Planning, Analytics and Reporting Software for Governments and Public-Sector Partners

There’s a lot at stake when making strategic plans that impact entire communities, and increasingly, time is of the essence.

Enter: Neighborhood Intel by Munetrix.

The more complete the data set, the more confident the decisions. The quicker planners move from raw data to insightful intelligence, the sooner coalitions coalesce around unified goals and data-driven strategic planning.

Holistic view of every U.S. Census block in your community to  help you plan, implement and evaluate policies and programs.


A dynamic snapshot of community conditions — down to the individual parcel in every neighborhood!

Build stronger coalitions. Achieve greater collaboration.

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Demonstrate the impact of your work.

Proving the impact of your programs and policies is difficult. Our software uses built-in models and automatically updated property data to provide straightforward metrics that demonstrate the impact your work has on properties and neighborhoods.

Build trust and consensus with stakeholders.

Collaborating with partners, colleagues, residents, and elected officials is a balancing act. Our software provides automatically updated data and shows how properties and neighborhoods change over time, helping you validate what’s happening on the ground and get everyone on the same page.

Support strategic decision-making.

Every day, the decisions you make impact neighborhoods. And, finding the data you need to make those decisions isn’t easy. Our software provides mapping and reporting tools that make it easier to explain and demonstrate the strategy behind your existing policy and program decisions.

What Once Took Months Now Takes Minutes

Our powerful, intuitive Neighborhood Intel analytics platform transforms any community’s data into straightforward and insightful metrics that allow planners to see past, current and predictive trends on a single platform—with confidence, clarity and in collaboration with planning partners.

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