Nigel Griswold


Nigel is an innovator and leader in the field of spatial econometrics, the study of the effects of distance and proximity on economic activity. For nearly 20 years, Nigel has envisioned a world where local governments are empowered with property-level, real-time data systems that visualize data to improve policies and decisions that impact quality of life for residents.

Nigel’s work in urban policy began during his graduate work in 2004, when he examined the relationship between blight abatement and housing values in Flint, Michigan, at the behest of Congressman Dan Kildee (then Treasurer of Genesee County, Michigan). Nigel’s subsequent research has culminated in federal, state, and local government policy shifts that more strategically balance the targeting of community, housing, and economic development resources to those who need it most while maximizing economic outcomes.

As CEO and co-founder at Dynamo Metrics, Nigel worked with his team and partners to actualize his product vision through Dynamo’s scalable technology solution: Neighborhood Intel. Nigel’s role with Munetrix is Vice President of Strategic  Initiatives and he works to strengthen, integrate, and fortify the broad vision of impactful public sector performance reached with performance metrics delivered at the click of a button..

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