Your Community, Every Part and Parcel

The Neighborhood Intel Parcel Analyzer

Real-time and dynamic snapshot of community conditions to answer important questions that help you plan, implement, and evaluate policies and programs — down to the individual parcel!


  • Build and share custom dashboards that are flexible based on constantly changing priorities and objectives.

  • Build data-driven arguments to help access and leverage resources for programming, program implementation, program evaluation, and reporting.

  • Target and prioritize resources by identifying the intersection of key data.

  • Plan granularly with historical, current, and predictive parcel-level data that updates as frequently as each day.

  • Aggregate and clean your local property-data for actionable insight.

  • Be responsive to citizen needs by having all parcel data up to date in one place with value-added insight surrounding each property.

  • Quickly communicate complex data insight to lay audiences with customizable dashboard and mapping.


  • Layer builder = one-click customized dashboards/GIS layers/reports.

  • Real-time updating data = time-series and trend information loaded into customized reports at the parcel and customizable multi-parcel level.

  • Seamlessly share all custom layers/dashboards/GIS layers/reports across the enterprise within the platform.

  • Easily export custom data sets and GIS layers for further analyses.

  • Build unique lists of targeted properties with the “star” or favorites” feature.

  • Perform deep analysis of intersecting data with our map-layer overlay feature.

  • Filter tool allows the creation of unique data sets on the fly.


A comprehensive picture of how place-based economic development investments are affecting commercial corridors and neighborhoods.


Property data and mapping software for code enforcement teams to understand how code enforcement activities impact your city. 


A customizable platform for sharing insights with residents, nonprofits, and partners to create transparency with residents and stakeholders.

Big-picture analysis, right down to the smallest detail.

Powered by time series analysis capabilities, the platform empowers policy makers to plan, implement, and evaluate policies and programs— instantly, intuitively and in dynamic perpetuity.

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