Planning and Zoning

Bring your property data to life.

Our software cleans, integrates, and visualizes your data, providing you with insight about neighborhood and economic health, context for strategic decision-making, and the impact of past, current and future programming.


  • Neighborhood and Corridor Planning

  • Comprehensive/Master Planning

  • Plan Implementation

  • GIS and Mapping


  • Demonstrating Impact

  • Community Engagement

  • Reducing Consultancy Expenditures

Plan for success with a living picture of parcel, neighborhood, and city wide trends.

Create data-driven plans and implementation strategies with metrics that provide key insights into historical, current, and predictive trends about your city. Our metrics originate from your native data and automatically update to provide you with the context you need during the planning and implementation processes.

Achieve your planning objectives with greater impact.

Improve the quality of life for your residents and increase economic performance. Our metrics update automatically, and help you target investments, track changes in your city, and monitor the impact of your plan throughout the implementation process.

Visualize data and metrics through an easy-to-use platform.

Our mapping and reporting tools provide you with real-time indicators of community and economic health without requiring GIS or data-analysis experience. Easily export maps, reports, and raw data.

Save time and money on consultancy work and internal data requests.

Our software helps shorten project timelines, lower consultancy spend, and reduce internal data requests by doing the heavy lifting of data collection and transformation.

This kind of information gives me an incredible advantage over everyone else I’m competing with for grant funds. We write a killer grant application because we’ve got data down to the parcel level that no one else has.
Chris Lussier
Community Development Manager - Battle Creek, MI

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