Safety First…and Fast

Simplify scheduling, management, reporting, training and assure compliance for easy communication with local first responders and district personnel.


  • Quickly plan for an entire school year of fire, weather and lock down drills

  • Publish safety drills with one-click on school website when authorized and completed

  • Easily audits school district schedule of public safety drill for compliance

  • Multiple ways to share information with appropriate stakeholders, including real-time log in capability

  • Interactive map of district buildings


  • Public safety drill scheduler templates are prebuilt including additional drills required for early childhood development facilities and cardiac care

  • The automatic publication of drills with required information and appropriate signature to assure schools are PA 12 compliant over multiple years that meets website accessibility requirements

  • Assures each school within the district is PA 12 compliant regarding number of drills and time of school year

  • Roll-up audit capability allows county EMCs, ISDs and management companies the ability to look at every district from one location

  • Synchronizes with local first responders, County Emergency Management Coordinators, school district administrators, intermediate school districts and Public School Academy management companies to inform all stakeholders

  • Provide stakeholders with necessary district information regarding building locations, type of school and relative number of students

Each circle represents a school district building. The color identifies the type of school, and the size of the circle is proportionate to the number of students enrolled in the building.