Needs Assessment

The Needs Assessment app supports horizontal succession planning and maintains institutional knowledge in one comprehensive platform.


  • Saves stakeholders hundreds of hours per year, collecting, aggregating, disaggregating and analyzing data by more traditional methods such as spreadsheets.

  • Empowers users to instantly analyze perception survey data and process data from various survey tools to quickly identify strengths or challenges.

  • Robust combination of financial, demographic, student achievement, perception and process data tools to accommodate both district- and building-level needs assessment.


  • Users can easily set filters to evaluate the district and individual school building data over multiple years to make comparisons and assess changes.

  • Document StorageDocument storage and copy capabilities allow for the needs assessment to be a fluid and continuous process, year after year.

  • Effortlessly identify student achievement gaps and trends across multiple assessments for the district, school and subgroups to identify areas of need to target continuous improvement strategies.

Easily set filters by district, school, building or student to make assessments.

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