The Easy Student Migration Map

The Student Migration Map is an essential tool for understanding the ebbs and flows of students going in and out of your district to help manage enrollment.


  • A collection of charts and graphs that help you understand the magnitude and trends of student gains and losses and where they are attending

  • Provides greater granularity and understanding of the patterns associated with student movement

  • Quickly define what percentage of your resident students attend in-district versus out-of-district schools

  • Build strategies to attract students back in district, including the use of survey templates for Munetrix users

  • Simplifies use of resident/non-residency data for ease of tracking ebbs and flows of student movement patterns

  • Cascading filters allow for easy analysis to study private, charter home and school of choice patterns


  • Sort students by a variety of statuses including, resident, non-resident, and homeschooled, among others

  • Multiple report views identify the magnitude of both gains and losses over time

  • Dovetails with enrollment projection tools

  • Provides necessary data for school improvements planning

Student migration maps display where your out-of-district students are coming from in green, and where your resident students are going to in red. Can be filtered by year, location and type.