Student Reporting Data

The Student Reporting app provides highest levels of industry standard data security and encryption for privacy and security of student data.


  • Saves educators countless hours by automatically populating IRIPs with required data points from multiple student assessments.

  • Replaces paper forms, Google Forms, Word documents, etc., stored in multiple locations, such as file cabinets, hard drives or share drives, where they are difficult to sort, search and cross-analyze.

  • Archival storage allows educators to access IRIPs for year-over-year analysis, horizontal succession planning, and institutional knowledge.


  • IRIP report can be printed at any stage of completion, so that a hard copy can be placed into student files to be compliant with state and federal requirements.

  • Munetrix’s 31A Identification Report generates a list of students who qualify for 31A At Risk funding support and auto-populates the majority of the student identification worksheet columns required by the MDE.

  • Student Location Map assists administrators with the task of identifying high concentrations of students within the community for outreach purposes.

Archival storing for horizontal succession planning and creation of knowledge bank. 


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