Success Story: Avondale School District

Avondale School District Finally Has it “All in One Place”


Prior to partnering with Munetrix, Avondale School District would post transparency documents to its website, but many of the links led to a Google Drive page, where users would have to search to find the documents they were looking for.

Additionally, many documents were missing key items, and others, such as numerous bonds and refunding of bonds, were in separate locations on the site, proving very difficult and time-consuming to locate sought after documents and files. Avondale also has a very diverse population, so the ability to segregate and cross-analyze performance data when looking at academic assessment data was critical.


The Munetrix implementation manager provided hands-on assistance and oversight to upload missing documents and make sure that they were actual files, and not just links to a Google Drive, all in one easy-to-manage location, embedding the entire system into a page on Avondale’s website for all stakeholders to access and see. Members of the Avondale School District have recently begun using the Munetrix Open Checkbook App, which provides an indexable and searchable check register in all transparency documents. Munetrix further entered all of the district’s bonds into the Debt Manager app, making financial planning infinitely easier. Munextrix even trained the district’s human resource director on the system and assisted with establishing a peer group to help with benchmarking district personnel against those of like districts.


“All of our data is now in one place—Munetrix—which will save a ton of time and questions!”
Dan Trudel
Dan Trudel
Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services
  • The board had recently asked to see the check register for the new year, instead of printing off pages and pages they are able to see it on Munetrix.

  • Personnel benchmarking is now done with a few simple clicks, with access to all relevant peer district personnel at the HR director’s fingertips.

  • Avondale will now be using the Academic Module to easily generate graphs to help identify students for intervention and to adjust curriculum.

  • The district’s finance director was excited to share Munetrix with board members at a recent board meeting.

“Now when we get questions about bonds or budgets, we can provide the answers in minutes, rather than days, and even show the true data in real time!”
Dan Trudel
Dan Trudel
Assistant Superintendent for Financial Services

One Final Note:

Kristin Bowl from Avondale joined an advisory group that we established, inviting personnel from districts statewide to review and provide feedback during our beta release period. Kristin provided ideas for enhancements and feedback to our then new Growth Comparison chart in the Academic Module, which would go on to be beneficial to all districts. It is these partnerships/relationships that help Munetrix stay current in the needs of our customers.

Munetrix has been an invaluable resource for the Avondale School District in providing real-time instructional and financial data to help us move steadily toward our goals. Munetrix provides cost-effective and time-efficient tools to produce accurate, reliable, and easy to use data to inform our instructional and financial decision-making.
James Schwarz, Ph.D.
James Schwarz, Ph.D.

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