It really is just that easy!

Munetrix is a great product and I don’t think it can get any easier to use. It’s pretty “dummy” proof!

Thanks to you and all of your staff for the assistance. You have a great team and an exceptional product.

Cynthia Paparelli

We have presented the Munetrix.com website to our board twice now and they think it is amazing. They don’t always like what the numbers are telling us but are excited to see where we are going. Beth has migrated all of our documents to Munetrix so we are one stop shopping with the direct link in place.

The Forecast Builder is a marvelous tool. It saved me untold hours of work in preparing a forecast. A few simple assumptions on my part and the Forecast Builder took it from there. Thanks for providing such a great tool. It saves me a ton of work.

Phyllis Brown

This product will definitely improve our transparency to our stakeholders and our ability to manage all of our supported schools. The system contains some great monitoring tools and self-audit tools for our schools. Customer service is really good as well. Fast response to questions or assistance. Highly recommended.

When EVIP was introduced, Munetrix stepped up and helped us develop the product that the Michigan Treasury was looking for. We appreciate their patience and hard work to help us develop the dashboard and required elements to help meet the State’s request. Bob and Buzz have been great to help us with whatever we need.  I would recommend them to anyone!

Mark Pollock

Not only is Munetrix a powerful data and analytics provider, they are a true business partner that has become an extension of our team. They were even able to drive legislation that will ultimately protect our district; not a typical level of service one usually finds with a software company.

Charmian Fletcher

I have been using Munetrix for over 3 years for any board presentations involving budget planning or reporting. Munetrix provides a visual for the Board of Education to have meaningful conversations with staff, parents, and the community with full transparency. It is a very useful tool in our District!

With tighter budgets and rising costs we are constantly reviewing our operations to see where we can squeeze out another nickel. It is great to find a system that streamlines this work for our central office. And the Munetrix reports simplify the results for everybody, including for board members and the public. It also saves us time with Transparency Reporting, not to mention the Fire & Tornado Drill requirements! Why reinvent the wheel when Munetrix has you covered on multiple fronts?

We originally started with Munetrix on the EVIP reporting then to the CVTRS Reporting. Without Munetrix the CVTRS reporting would have been a huge undertaking for a one person office. Their staff is very knowledgeable and great to work with. We plan on to keep using Munetrix for our CVTRS Reporting in the future.

Steve Corrion

As a school business professional of 20+ years, I have worked with many varied vendors and software providers of financial and student management programs and data applications. I have never had the quality of customer service given by Munetrix from any other platform. Their return of support calls are prompt and thorough. Their proactive training modules are extremely useful and fit into a busy schedule, as well as being available at your convenience. They build software AND relationships. This alone places them at a higher level of value than all others.

Time is money. Money is people. People help kids. Thanks to the work being done by Munetrix here in Brandon School District, we are able to get back to focusing on the focus. We are now able to move people back into classrooms and out of data support roles, where real differences can be made. Munetrix is more than a data solution system. It is helping us stay focused on what matters most: helping kids and changing destinies.

Dr. Dave Schmittou

Hands down, Munetrix is the best analytics platform for schools available. Their customizable dashboards are simple to understand, provide meaningful information, and quickly highlight key operational/educational performance measures to make informed decisions.

Shawn K. Wightman, Ed.D.