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Say hello to easy.

Transparency is no longer a “nice-to-have”. It’s a must-have – for governments, municipalities, schools and the greater community alike. However, translating internal information and data into comprehensive reports that not only meet government mandates but are also visually appealing to the public can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Munetrix is here to change that. Say goodbye to cumbersome Excel sheets, intimidating technology platforms and inefficient metric evaluators.

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We are more than just a vendor.

We are an integral partner that takes the burden of report-generating off your hands. We customize our platform to meet your exact needs and provide the manpower, the technology and the personalized service needed to get your internal information into an online space that is accessible to both the government and the public. Our team is here to work one-on-one with you to set up your data, create your visual dashboard and continuously remind you of upcoming deadlines or changes in government requirements.

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An early warning rating system

Munetrix’s algorithms take a handful of critical measures and runs dozens of calculations to generate a numerical value that provides a high level look at a community’s fiscal health. While it may not tell the whole story, it causes the right questions to be asked and allows for a community to break down the whole into manageable pieces. Licensed users have the ability to add notes to explain why something is or isn’t the way it looks – because sometimes a conscious decision was made to get to where they are.

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About Us

Munetrix transforms your raw data into usable information that can ultimately be harnessed as powerful, actionable intelligence. Our comprehensive measurement dashboards allow you to easily and efficiently meet government mandates while providing you with a holistic picture of your financial well-being and how it compares to others in the community. With Munetrix, you can be fully transparent about current financial data, where taxpayer dollars are being spent, or even the status of your emergency preparedness drills. It’s a single tool that encompasses all your government reporting needs.

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