School Transparency Doesn’t Have to be Complicated.
You Have the Data…We Have the Platform to

Share its Impact on Fiscal and Academic Outcomes.


Imagine a single financial reporting and transparency solution to immediately meet the requirements of Wisconsin Act 89, making school district and school financial information available to the public.

Well, now you don’t have to: the Munetrix platform has been meeting the transparency and financial reporting requirements of schools and communities for more than 10 years!


Powerful tools that create detailed budgets and facilitate long-term planning, with a few simple clicks.


From student growth and progress monitoring to educator evaluations and needs assessment.


We put the data at your fingertips so you can spend more time on what matters — educating students!

The powerful analytical capability of the Munetrix system gives users the ability to find, compare, measure and monitor dozens of key performance indicators (KPIs)—all with a single, easy-to-use interface.

Say hello to the Munetrix Academic Module 2.0. Say hello to easy!

See how school districts are leveraging the Munetrix platform to achieve transparency, equity and legislative compliance:

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Our View on Equity in Ed

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Download our free resource guides to take a tour of the entire suite of complementary solutions in the Munetrix Enterprise Edition, which includes the Academic and Financial Modules. 


Read our piece on how data is a district’s greatest asset in achieving equity in education, as published in District Administration magazine: “Achieving a Culture of Data Literacy.”

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Munetrix became the first vendor to earn the Ed-Fi Consumer Badge for Data Consumption, demonstrating our adherence to Ed-Fi’s rigorous quality, availability and transparency standards.

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