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Brown City Community School.
Brown City Community Schools
Academic Outcomes

Brown City Community Schools

Brown City Community Schools was looking for a centralized solution to house, gather and analyze their various forms and sources of data, all in one easy-to-access location. See how the Munetrix Academic Module helps in “developing ‘the whole child’…while raising the bar in our performance and saving time in analyzing how well it’s going.”

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Tools That Connect Your Entire School

Munetrix software graphic featuring financial dashboards.
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District Fiscal Wellness

Jumpstart Your Journey to K-12 Fiscal Wellness
Munetrix platform screenshot featuring financial data.
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Needs Assessment

Navigate Your Way to Student Growth
Munetrix platform screenshot featuring financial data.
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Student Achievement & Risk

Drive Student Success to New Heights
Munetrix platform screenshot featuring financial data.
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Unite Your Community With Transparent Reporting
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Built by Educators & Data Scientists


Actionable intelligence

Our tools transform your raw data into practical insights to give you a holistic view of your school’s well-being and how it stacks up against others in your district and beyond.

Transparency at your fingertips

Whether it's financial figures or school performance metrics, you can foster trust in your community with the power of transparent reporting right in your hands.

Personalized support

We know your time is valuable. That’s why our team is here to help you set up your data and achieve your goals – every step of the way.

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