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Bridging the Gap Between Districts, Schools, and Families


Where do I start with my data?

We know that grappling with a mountain of data can be overwhelming, especially for large districts. That's why we seamlessly link to your tools and handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your school's success.

Data is hard to understand

You can easily help parents stay informed with our student risk dashboard, designed for clarity and ease of use. What’s more, teachers can unveil valuable insights by simply filtering data sources to get the information they need quickly.

Schools don’t know how to share their findings

Showcasing what's happening in your school shouldn't be hard. With Munetrix, you can embed customizable, easy-to-read charts that sync with your data right on your website, where it's easy to find.

K-12 Finance, Simplified

Financial Clarity at a Glance

Go beyond numbers with a digital metric that quickly assesses your district's financial well-being and turns that into color-coded scores so you can see how things are going at a glance.

Sharable Reports

Build custom reports to highlight specific areas, or showcase the entire district's achievements, weaving data with custom narratives to bring your story to life.

Budgeting Made Easy

Dynamically drive your financial management with a seamless approach to both immediate budget creation and long-term forecasting.

Your School's Story – Clear as Day


Sharable Reports

Build custom reports to highlight specific areas, or showcase the entire school's achievements, weaving data with custom narratives to bring your story to life.

Enhance Teaching with Ease

Want to know how students in the district are performing? Student Growth Xplorer™ makes it easy, giving you a clear picture and putting you in the driver's seat to understand what's happening with student growth.

School Safety Drill Planning

Manage and report on school safety drills like never before. With seamless integration into your school's website, sharing updates and information with parents, staff, and students has never been easier.

Powerful Tools to Help You Succeed


Academic Module

Designed to help you manage and analyze academic data – from student growth to progress monitoring and needs assessments

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Financial Module

Powerful tools for building detailed budgets, simplifying long-term planning, and creating financial transparency in a few simple clicks

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Early Warning Module

Quickly identify potential student risks and implement timely and impactful interventions to help get them back on the path of success

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Built by Educators & Data Scientists


Actionable intelligence

Our tools transform your raw data into practical insights to give you a holistic view of your school’s well-being and how it stacks up against others in your district and beyond.

Transparency at your fingertips

Whether it's financial figures or school performance metrics, you can foster trust in your community with the power of transparent reporting right in your hands.

Personalized support

We know your time is valuable. That’s why our team is here to help you set up your data and achieve your goals – every step of the way.

Tools That Connect Your Entire School

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District Fiscal Wellness

Jumpstart Your Journey to K-12 Fiscal Wellness
Munetrix platform screenshot featuring financial data.
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Needs Assessment

Navigate Your Way to Student Growth
Munetrix platform screenshot featuring financial data.
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Student Achievement & Risk

Drive Student Success to New Heights

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